Networks for new professionals

If you’ve been reading 23 Librarians because you’re a newish professional and you want to find out more about information work, you might also be interested in this week’s highlighted sites.

LISNPNThe Library and Information Sector New Professionals Network (LISNPN) is a place to get help, advice, guidance and information and is open to everyone regardless of affiliation, qualification(s), experience or employment. It’s just had an online makeover, so has a smart new website and blog. The Other Networks page links to other useful sites such as this one (for which thanks), and our second featured page, which is…


…The New Library Professionals Network. NLPN provides a network for all new library professionals – although they are based in the North West of England they also welcome participation from further afield. They organise their own events, mainly in Manchester, with guest speakers from all areas of the library profession and run a blog with advice, guidance and training and conference reports. You might like the member interviews which are similar to 23 Librarians in scope.

NPD IrelandIreland also has an active New Professionals network, NPD Ireland which has organised two New Professionals Days and is about to have its second Autumn Event. It’s worth keeping an eye on, even if you can’t make it to Dublin.

You can find all three organisations on Twitter – @LISNPN, @ManchesterNLPN and @NPDIreland. Are there any other useful organisations you would like to share in the comments?




2 responses to “Networks for new professionals

  1. Early retirement was your destiny and no accident. The Library world needed someone to do all the great stuff you are providing for the Library World, particularly the newbies. J & C.


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