Library A to Z and Book Week Scotland

Here are two, important library-related events coming up in November.

LIbrary A to Z Library A to Z  is a campaign, created by Gary Green and Andrew Walsh, that has produced a visual A to Z celebrating the wide-range of services, resources and facilities that make libraries so fantastic. Via Kickstarter funding, Gary and Andrew commissioned full colour images from freelance illustrator Josh Filhol to depict the words that reflect the great work, activities and values of libraries. These illustrations are the basis for a range of promotional and advocacy materials including posters, cards and a full colour book. As well as the illustrated library alphabet, the book also includes quotes from library users and a chapter about the positive impacts of libraries.

Library A to Z launches during the week 17-22 November, when packs, including copies of the books and other material, will be sent to local, national and international politicians. The aim of this action is to highlight the continued importance and value of library services, to encourage continued investment. The creators encourage everyone to help by downloading the materials and using them in their own communities.

Book Week Scotland 2014The third, annual Book Week Scotland takes place from 24-30 November. Libraries are at the very heart of the 2014 programme – the week aims to celebrate them and shine a light on the place they occupy in communities. Many of you will already have events planned, but there are some more general strands that you can be part of even if you haven’t, such as Reading Pledges and Love Letters to Libraries inspired by Jackie Kay’s gorgeous poem, Dear Library. Find out more on the Book Week Scotland for Libraries page.

These both sound great ways of promoting the value of libraries and librarians – something which I like to thing 23 Librarians also does. Maybe there are future 23 Librarians contributors out there who would like to write about how they celebrated either or both of these events in their libraries? Or please share your plans for them in the comments below.


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