23 Librarians – England and N. Ireland

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the new blog for Wales, 23 Llyfrgellydd. I’m delighted to say that blogs for England and Northern Ireland have just launched, so 23 Librarians now covers the whole of the UK. The new editors introduce themselves below.

Virginia Power – 23 Librarians England

Virginia Power

Virginia Power

I am an academic lecturing at the University of the West of England in Bristol. I saw Anabel’s first wave of 23 Librarians Scotland publicised through lis-link, and it got me thinking about how useful it would be to explore the breadth and depth of library, information and knowledge management work throughout the UK. I lecture in Information and Knowledge Management and thought how inspiring this could be for my MSc. students, and it would perhaps encourage other information professionals to ‘think outside the box’ in terms of what they could do with their skills.

I got in touch with Anabel and we started to think about joining up the effort! With Kristine Chapman on board for Wales, I also contacted a friend in Northern Ireland, Elaine Mulholland at St. Mary’s University College in Belfast, and twisted her arm to establish the Northern Ireland link!

It has been great to receive an interesting collection of submissions and I have been looking forward to adding them to the blog. I am more than happy to continue to receive new submissions, especially from areas as yet untapped.

Elaine Mulholland – 23 Librarians N. Ireland 

Elaine Mulholland

Elaine Mulholland

A relative newcomer to the project, I first heard of 23 Librarians in July, thanks to Virginia Power. Virginia and I met at the CILIP ARLG conference in Brighton in June in and have been networking ever since. Once Virginia alerted me to the project and I saw Anabel’s established blog collection, the link to N. Ireland was formed.

This UK wide blog is a collection of insights from a diverse range of library working environments which offers valuable reflections on emerging trends, key areas of concern as well as a practical approach to the future of libraries. The project is also a good opportunity to network. Networking is particularly important to information specialists in N. Ireland as we do not always have the chance to travel to attend events/conferences in the rest of Britain. Making connections and building enduring, mutually beneficial associations through the blog seem ideal ways to help bring us closer to our colleagues across the UK.

The contributors present lively, stimulating views on a wide range of contemporary and relevant issues. Recent developments in information technology have radically changed our roles. Nevertheless, the positive messages from the NI contributors reveal a continuing but adaptive library environment. The blogs are also a timely discussion of the needs of the information user and the role of libraries in view of these developments. With your blog contributions and help we can continue the community of conversation.

If you have colleagues elsewhere in the UK who might want to contribute to the English, Welsh or Northern Irish blogs you can find contact details for the editors on the About page of this blog.


4 responses to “23 Librarians – England and N. Ireland

  1. how are doing for men? better than scotland? happy to put my thrilling journey to, and through, librarianship into words for you… 🙂


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