Happy 2015!

Happy New YearHappy New Year everyone! 23 Librarians resumes normal service on Friday but, in the meantime, here’s a quick look back to 2014.

Despite its initial title, 34 library and information workers have now told their stories on the blog which has had about 26000 page views. So what were the top posts of 2014? According to WordPress, they were:

  1. 1. Clare – School Librarian
  2.  23 Librarians – England and N. Ireland
  3.  2. Karen – music librarianship and research
  4.  6. Jennifer – MSc student
  5.  3. Carol – a day in the life of a branch library

CILIP UpdateWhat I find most interesting about the list is that four of the five are really early posts, which suggests that use builds up over time: people are not just reading the current post but are delving into the archive for information about different kinds of library and information work. This is exactly what I was hoping for, so I’m really pleased about that. I’m also happy that, as indicated by the second ranked post, the concept has spread to England, N. Ireland and also Wales (as 23 Llyfrgellydd). Then, just before Christmas, all four blogs were featured in an article in CILIP Update, so all round it’s been a very good year.

So where to next? Well, the next post will be the 12th of Series 2. I haven’t quite got enough stories yet to complete the second 23, but if everyone who has ever expressed interest wrote something I would actually be well on the way to completing Series 3! If you haven’t volunteered, take a look at the About page to see what’s involved and maybe you could help. And thank you once again to all those who have already done so.

See you on Friday for the latest post. Who will it be?


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