Being Batgirl: ongoing adventures in school librarianship

Kathleen O’Neill wrote about her adventures on her own blog, The Victorian Librarian, but it’s perfect for 23 Librarians, so I’m reblogging it here with permission. Find Kathleen on Twitter @kathleenoneill.

That brings our Scottish 23 Librarians tally to 49. My ambition is to hit 50 at least. Can anyone help?

The Victorian Librarian

It’s been almost three weeks since my last blog post; I have survived the first two weeks of running a school library. It’s started really well, but the work is nonetheless hard, with so much to learn, and thus has been incredibly exhausting. Consequently, blogging hasn’t really been a priority. You might suspect me of withdrawing my allegiance from Rupert Giles, given this blogpost’s title, but this will never be so. The truth of the matter is that I wanted to break the ice with the pupils by showing that we had some shared interests; the regrettable truth is that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is older than a good few of the kids, while they are mostly likely to know who Batman is. I haven’t tested them on their knowledge of  the Buffyverse but invoking the Batverse has worked out well.

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