About 23 Librarians

23LibrariansWhat is 23 Librarians?

23 Librarians offers a flavour of the range of library and information work in Scotland today. 23 (plus) bloggers describe what attracted them into the library profession and give an insight into a typical day in their current jobs. They also answer comments and questions left on their posts. Read this blog if you are:

  • considering a career in libraries / information work
  • a student of LIS wondering which sector to look for work in
  • a chartership candidate looking for wider professional knowledge
  • considering a move between sectors
  • just curious about other people’s jobs!

Who are the 23 Librarians?

The bloggers come from a variety of sectors and locations and are at different stages in their careers – the thing they all have in common is a desire to share their enthusiasm for their work. If you think you could be one of them, please leave a comment below. Some FAQs about contributing:

You must have enough by now. Do you still want my post? Yes! 23 is an arbitrary number picked to fit in with the 23 Things concept. Series 2 ended in March 2015, but new contributions will still be published.

I’m not a Librarian. Do you still want my post? Yes! 23 Librarians was chosen as a short and snappy title, but the strapline is Snapshots of Scotland’s library and information world. You don’t have to be a qualified librarian, or have any reference to libraries in your job title, as long as you fit into that wider description.

You’ve already published a post from someone else in my sector. Do you still want mine? Yes! That person’s story will not be your story. Everyone’s experience is unique.

I’m not working in Scotland. Where can I tell my story? There is also a blog for Wales, 23 Llyfrgellydd,  and 23 Librarians blogs for England and Ireland (both parts). Get in touch with:

  • Virginia Power (England) virginia.power(at)uwe.ac.uk
  • Kristine Chapman (Wales) kristine.chapman(at)museumwales.ac.uk
  • Elaine Mulholland (Ireland) e.mulholland(at)stmarys-belfast.ac.uk

How does the blog work?

The blog is no longer running as a weekly series – new posts, when available, will be published on Fridays. Follow the blog via WordPress, your RSS reader or the Follow via Email option on the right-hand sidebar so that you don’t miss out. You can also look out for the hashtag #23librarians on Twitter. To help you find specific types of post they are divided into broad categories (e.g. Academic Libraries; School Libraries) and tagged with more detailed headings, including location. There is also a search box and links to individual contributors by name.

23 Librarians is created, edited and maintained by Anabel Marsh.


8 responses to “About 23 Librarians

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  5. Hi Anabel I saw your tweet and thought I should step up to join the 48! Just let me know what you need me to do and I will try my best to assist. Best wishes – Lisa


  6. Hi Anabel,
    I’d be interested in contributing a new blog post if you’re looking for more posts. Just let me know.


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