Glasgow School of Art

Mackintosh Building

Mackintosh Building

Glasgow School of Art has featured twice on 23 Librarians, in posts by Delphine Dallison and Jennifer Higgins. The photograph above was taken on Thursday last week, the day before the fire in the west wing (nearest to camera) of the Mackintosh Building. As most of you will know, although 90% of the structure was saved, the iconic Mackintosh Library was gutted by the flames. In case anyone is interested in helping, a Mackintosh Building Fire Fund has been set up – you can find details on the GSA site.

The pictures below are also from my visit last week – they were taken on my phone, so please forgive the quality, but they do give some idea of what has been lost.


4 responses to “Glasgow School of Art

    • I know – dreadful. But no lives were lost, and they managed to save far more than I thought possible after the first reports, so there is something to be thankful for too.


    • I think it’s encouraging that the archives, plans etc have survived which will give them a blueprint to work from. GSA is looking after the students that lost work in what seems to be an exemplary fashion which is also a positive – while wishing, of course, that they didn’t have to do it.


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